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Estes Ark home of The Talking Teddy - 521 Lone Pine Drive - Estes Park, Colorado 80517 USA - - - Phone: 970-586-6483 Fax: 970-586-2728.

Monday 10 am. - 5 pm.
Tuesday 10 am. - 5 pm.
Closed Wenesday
Thursday 10 am. - 5 pm.
Friday 10 am. - 5 pm.
Saturday 10 am. - 5 pm.
Sunday 1pm. - 5pm.

We are currently seeking a buyer for our business, website and Commercial property.
Toy plush stuffed animals, teddy bears, collectibles, Noahs ark figurines, music for kids, puzzles, puppets, cats, dogs, horses, sock monkey, elephants, giraffe, zebra, baby gifts available on board Estes Ark home of The Talking Teddy. Teddy bears, Noahs ark, stuffed animals, toys from Boyds, Douglas, Fiesta, Folkmanis, Fun Tunes, Gund, North American Bear, Schleich, Stranger in the Woods, Steiff, Wildlife Artists. Featuring: Muffy VanderBear, VIB's, Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, Smokey, Peef, Corduroy, Yogi Bear, Puppets, Coke Polar Bears. Slot cars from: Champion, JK, Parma, Scalextric.

Noah's Ark reproduction print from Edward Hicks 1846 Original
One of Hicks' best-known works.

2015 is the 100th Anniversay of Ann & Andy
Collection for Sale

Smokey Cub
"Hot Foot Teddy"

Colorado Business Opportunity

John Deere
75 pc Collection For Sale

Slot Car Raceway
For Sale

Virtual tour inside Estes Ark. See stuffed animals ranging from domestic to exotic and miniature to life size! Featuring three levels of shopping that include The Talking Teddy, Noah's Attic and Rainbow Curve Raceway History of our retail store including honors and national awards. Dedicated to the customer and collector since 1984, offering outstanding selection and price. Noah's Ark, a structure recognized by young and old, representing a new beginning while preserving all that is good from the past.
Save money with our passport discount card - 10% off most all purchases. Teddy Bear Bucks in Ten, Five & One Dollar amounts, great for gifts and collectors. Adventure shopping for the entire family since 1984.

I'm Abe Zimmerman; resident sock monkey, world traveler and sock expert. If you would like to ask me questions about animals on our ark, I will try to help you.
Access my blog.

Hi, I'm Ralph! I help with all the bears that live on the Ark and I've been to lots of Teddy Bear Conventions. I like to talk about Teddy Bears, so let me know if you have any questions.
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ESTES ARK is featured Inside the 25 Best Independent Stores in America. WOW !

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ESTES ARK... 0ur Award Winning Flag Ship Store and Website showcase some of the best products at the best price available from these fine companies: BOYDS... plush teddy bears & figurines | DOUGLAS Cuddle Toys ... soft realistic stuffed toy plush dogs, cats, farm, sea life, wildlife, horses, teddy bears, bags. | FIESTA TOY - Quality, Value, lowest price... realistic stuffed plush teddy bears, wildlife, sealife & toy animals | FOLKMANIS ... The Best, Most Innovative, Creative, Puppet Maker in the World! | GUND ... soft plush teddy bears, Gundy, Yule Beary, and animal friends | SCHLEICH... Molded & Hand Painted Animals..small in scale - large in value and detail | STEIFF... Button in Ear - animals since 1880.. playful plush to collectible mohair stuffed animals, Teddy Bears | North American Bear Co....Muffy Vanderbear, Very Important Bears, VIBs, Teddy Bears, bags | Slot Car Raceway... PARMA - CHAMPION & SCALEXTRIC Dealer: 1/24 & 1/32 Scale Slot Cars, Drag Cars, Race Sets, Super Starter Sets, Track, RTR Car, Bodies, Chassis, Flexi, Guides, Controllers, Resistors, Motors, Armatures, Gears, Pinions, Paint, Decals, Tires, Braid, Wire, Oil, Tools, Parts.
100 lap feet Gary Gerding/Rainbow Curve Raceway (1/24 & 1/32 scale) 6 lane custom slot car track with Magnatech braid, Four power taps with #10 copper wire & six 25 Amp. clean power supplies.

Adventure shopping for the entire family since 1984. Featuring A hug selection of slot cars & parts, exclusives, puppets, puzzles, figurines, horses, Teddy Bears, dogs, cats, sock monkeys, birds, farm, clothing, sea life, wildlife, national park wildlife and zoo soft realistic stuffed plush toy animals ranging from domestic to exotic and miniature to life size! Our Award Winning Flag Ship Store is truly a concept store, built in the form of Noah's famous biblical Ark features three floors of merchandise covering over 5,000 square feet, A Slot Car Raceway and over 10,000 realistic stuffed plush toy animals on board visually delight children and adults alike. The nautical ark theme carries throughout each level of the ark, with just about every kind of animal you can think of. We use wooden barrels for lighting, ropes for netting, and cubbyhole animal stalls, stairways, and special displays, the entire structure feels much like what one might imagine from the original Ark. You can read more about Estes Ark in: Retail Superstars " Inside the 25 best independent stores in America. " Thank you for visiting our website | ESTES ARK home of The Talking Teddy, Noah's Attic and Rainbow Curve Raceway. ESTES ARK located in Estes Park, Colorado United States of America. The look, shape, feel and design of Estes Ark Structure is a registered USA. Trademark. Copyright 1984 - 2012. No Part of this website may be used in any form, by any means, copied, or otherwise - without the written permission of the copyright owner. All rights reserved worldwide.